International sales power, local expertise

Meet an unrivalled network of high-end expert estate agents and approach the market for your exclusive property not only through local networks, but also reach the right buyer audience internationally.

Our approach

Optimal sales of exclusive homes, flats, penthouses and estates requires intensive customised marketing and promotion. Not only at a local level, but also nationwide and across borders. Within our marketing programme, we ensure exceptional profiling and presentation of your property, where your property is offered to the right buying audience both through our own network and sophisticated publications, as well as through an international network. A marketing plan with the highest chances of success will be developed for each property.

·  Extraordinary imaging and presentation 

·  Online and offline publishing to the right buyers 

·  International event and networking strategy 

Selling via Christie's Real Estate Belgium

International network

Christie’s International Real Estate, with 1,350 branches in 48 countries, is the market leader in high-end real estate. This highly streamlined network works closely together on a daily basis. Thanks to this unique position, as well as our own regional network, we are in contact with a very extensive group of high-profile buyers, locally, nationally and internationally.

Regional expertise

Through our own advanced Market Scan Tool, we analyse all environmental factors and evolutions in the real estate market. This way, we always have real-time market information, enabling us to optimally organise the sale of your exclusive property.

Exclusive database

Christie’s Real Estate Belgium is part of Hillewaere Group. Besides the real estate branch, the group is largely made up of insurance branches. Hillewaere Insurances is the market leader in insuring exclusive risks, including art, jewellery and premium cars. This results in a unique proprietary database with relevant buyer profiles in the right segment and a natural link to the Christie’s Auction House.

Intensive buyer approach

Our high-tech marketing approach enables us to detect the needs of the right buyers and proactively present the property to themthrough innovative tools, such as advanced target group targeting and remarketing. This both online on all relevant channels and offline through a sophisticated selection of magazines and specialised dailies. 

Strong partnerships

A powerful network and strategic partnerships worldwide enable us to reach the right buyer profile for your exclusive property.

Networking and event strategy

The exclusive offerings are presented during networking events aligned with the Christie’s Auction House, where they enjoy first-class visibility.

Extraordinary property presentation

Exclusive properties require an extraordinary presentation that attracts potential buyers, makes them dream away and gives an overall picture of all the possibilities. Via Christie’s Real Estate Belgium, you can count on the most innovative techniques to showcase your property and unique online and offline property presentations.

Individual buyer approach

Attracting the right potential buyer and inviting them to visit requires an individual buyer approach within this specific market segment.. It is essential to know who is looking for what. Besides publications to make the property known to potential buyers, we also deploy our own network and databases and use the international Masters Circle.

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Non-binding acquaintance?

Our real estate agents are happy to get to know you and your property personally during a no-obligation introductory meeting. They will tell you all about our tailor-made approach and the international addes value of Christie’s International Real Estate. They are happy to answer any questions during this first acqaintance.